Does Not Create ImportJob Record


When creating the import request the program does include the ImportJobId in the request so an instance of an ImportJob record is never created. This makes it hard to determine if import were successful or not and what percentage of the import succeeded.
To update this modify the SolutionManged.cs file to include the ImportJobId = Guid.NewGuid() property when creating the request.
ImportSolutionRequest request = new ImportSolutionRequest()
                    ConvertToManaged = settings.ConvertToManaged,
                    CustomizationFile = File.ReadAllBytes(archivePath),
                    OverwriteUnmanagedCustomizations = settings.OverwriteUnmanagedCustomizations,
                    PublishWorkflows = settings.Activate,
                    //Adding the ImportJobId property will generate an ImportJob record for the Import.
                    ImportJobId = Guid.NewGuid()
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